When: 18 June, 2020
9:00 Mexico | 16:00 Rwanda | 16:00 Germany | 17:00 TLV

Intelligence in the CyberSpace

Cybertech Global is proud to host this interactive event for the National Level.

This special edition will include government addresses, one-on-one discussions on the global growing intelligence and cybersecurity challenges, and will present the latest solutions for intelligence gathering, PSS and open-source cyber collection, big data, deep and dark web monitoring, protection of critical infrastructures from threats that can endanger the safety of the general public, and much more.

This event is dedicated to government decision-makers, intelligence, homeland security, and law enforcement authorities from around the globe, defense forces, public safety organizations, institutes for counter-terrorism and global cyber communities.

The event will take place on the CybertechLive platform, developed with audience engagement in mind. Hear and engage with world-class participants at the click of a button.


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